Iraq’s Budget Surplus Scandal. Why do we have such a hard time hearing good news from Baghdad? — Slate

Spanish Olympic team’s “slit-eyed” ad. It’s tough to know what Spain’s basketball teams were thinking when they chose to collectively make “slit-eyed” gestures (above a stenciled dragon) while posing for a pre-Olympics advertisement. — Huffington Post

How newsrooms throw away value by not linking to sources on the web. How can newsrooms, in an age of swiftly declining editorial resources, afford to throw valuable material away? And this is material that they PAID FOR by paying a journalist to research a story. Editors should be demanding that journalists provide links to source material to include with the web version of a story. — Publishing 2.0

Keeping up with the Olympics on Google. The 2008 Summer Games on Google website lets you keep track of event schedules, get updates on results and track medal counts with an iGoogle gadget. it also shows the latest Games highlights through Google News, while Google Maps lets you view medal and event information based on your favorite regions and sports. There’s also a 3D video of the various Games venues you can tour. For more details see Google’s blog. — Google blog