All that’s good in the world… kangaroo steak, Ikea and billions of babies.

Eat kangaroo to save the planet. A new report from the University of New South Wales says that Australia should be farming kangaroos instead of sheep and cattle if it wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. — Tree Hugger

World watches UK coal plant protests. The UK government’s decision on whether to allow a proposed new coal fired power plant in Kingsnorth, Kent will have implications for similar plants under development worldwide. In total, around 100 similar plants are in the planning stage – more than half of these are in China, with the others split between the UK, Germany and the US – and governments are watching closely to see what decision is taken in the UK. — Climate Feedback

IKEA solar panels on the horizon. Eponymous big-box colossus IKEA has shown some great green developments lately, from flat-pack bike trailers to eco-friendly lines of homewares. Now the purveyor of all things flat-pack has announced plans to invest $77 million into its GreenTech energy fund with the goal of eventually producing solar panels, efficiency meters, and energy efficient lighting. — Inhabitat

The population bomb: Has it been defused? Paul Ehrlich still believes that overpopulation imperils the Earth’s future. But the good news is we are approaching a demographic turning point: Birth rates have been falling dramatically, and population is expected to peak later this century — after that, for the first time in modern history, the world’s population should actually start to decline. — Yale Environment 360