While the Howard Government didn’t believe in all that climate change nonsense, it was worried about voters having a contrary view long before 2007, when Cabinet reluctantly signed up to an emissions trading scheme two or three elections down the track.

So it established the Australian Greenhouse Office to oversee a number of programs designed to give the illusion it was doing something about climate change when it was doing nothing at all. The AGO’s staff were dedicated folk committed to doing something real about climate change, but their primary purpose was to give Howard Government ministers something to point to whenever people complained they weren’t taking global warming seriously. The AGO programs themselves -- a mixture of hand-outs and voluntary programs for business to sign up to if they wanted to demonstrate their triple bottom-line credentials, never did much, but they weren’t designed to.

Among these was Greenhouse Friendly, which kicked off in 2001. Greenhouse Friendly is still going, in the AGO’s successor agency, the rather more hardcore Department of Climate Change, and according to the DCC website, enables Australian businesses to "market greenhouse neutral products or services, deliver greenhouse gas abatement and give Australian consumers greater purchasing choice."