Channel 7 needs to explain. Our Tibet ad – which was booked and paid for – was not screened by Channel 7 in the scheduled slots last Friday night and Saturday morning. The ad was pulled at the last minute. It seems to us that in highlighting free speech issues in Tibet, we’ve run up against some serious ones of our own at home. — GetUp blog

At least Australia has media freedom, right? Regardless of whether Seven took this decision under its own direction or were pressured into this by someone else (such as the IOC, as has been postulated elsewhere), this raises huge questions about media freedom – not just in China, but right here in Australia. — ish’s blog

Seven at home in moral pollution in Beijing.  If you reckon the air is dirty in Beijing, try watching the events through the moral smog and cultural static of the Seven network’s coverage.Fox Sports

Channel 7 to fiddle Olympic free speech. Speaking of wankers – go behind the IOC facade of feelgood handholding and nationalistic mindlessness with journalist and author Andrew Jennings. — Typing is not activism