Olympics, horse poo, garbage dumps and air planes.

‘Green’ Olympics—The Obligatory Olympic Post. Organizers of the Beijing Olympics are boasting of all the renewable energy and water conservation technologies that are incorporated into the Olympic infrastructure, as well as opening of the 680 hectare ‘green lung’ in the form of the Olympic Forest Park. But this wasn’t what anyone had in mind when Beijing pitched the concept of a ‘Green Olympics’. — Green Leap Forward

Quote of the Day: Not Everything Is About Global Warming. Lousy farming practices, overpopulation and bad policies are also kinda bad. — Treehugger

The Waste-Pickers of Delhi. The original Delhi recyclers have turned garbage into cash for decades. Now, a carbon-credit-generating incinerator may put them out of business. — Mother Jones

The future of flight. Looking to engineers to save our climate and our holidays. — Terrapass