China detains White House media plane: A charter airplane carrying the White House press corps was detained for nearly three hours Friday at Beijing’s international airport not long after President Bush arrived to attend the Olympic Games. The flight crew of the Northwest Airlines 747 had been expecting to park at a VIP terminal, but after landing was instead directed by the control tower to a normal international gate. White House officials would say only there were “logistical problems” getting clearance to unload the aircraft. The flight crew was told the Chinese were insisting that all luggage be inspected. Read more here.

Does my byline look big in this? Despite what the subs seem to be saying, the writer’s real name is Julian Bajkowski.  — as seen in the Financial Review, 6 August

Hole in Hell. You really have to wonder if there’s any public humiliation C-list celebs won’t inflict on themselves to get a guernsey on prime time TV. — Media Mook

Cow v man murder. The animal rights group PETA has tried unsuccessfully to run a newspaper ad comparing the beheading and cannibalizing of a passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada last week to the treatment of animals by the meat industry. — AP

More reasons to get on a plane. Those advertising execs in Bris-vega are jumping on the pun bandwagon…

Bank bank iphone bank. The Sydney Morning Herald has crossed new boundaries in online advertorial. Next to an article about iphones, the kids at Fairfax Digital placed a number of advertisements for iphones and iphone products including Commsec –Commonwealth Bank’s swanky new iphone trading program. The article itself quotes Commonwealth Bank media man Tom Piotrowski, identifying him only as a ‘Sydneysider’. Is there meaning behind this?

Just not funny.  VH1’s new gossip blog Scandalist’s portrayal of murdered six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey with a birthday hat reading “I’m 18” (“Look who’s legal!”) is a tad off. — Gawker