The Winners: Seven News won the night with 1.586 million people, Home and Away second with 1.394 million (it’s amazing what a pre-Olympic cliffhanger will do) and Today Tonight was third with 1.354 million viewers. Nine’s repeat of Two and a Half Men at 7pm was 4th with 1.260 million and Getaway was 5th with 1.199 million. Seven’s Make Me a Supermodel averaged 1.182 million, up from its debut the night before and 7th was A Current Affair at 6.30pm for Nine with 1.160 million. Nine News was 8th with 1.155 million and the 7pm ABC News was next with 1.130 million viewers. The Footy Shows were 10th with 1.051 million and the repeat of CSI Miami averaged 1.051 million in 11th spot. Ten’s Law and Order SVU repeat averaged 991,000, the ABC’s Jack The Ripper program at 8.30pm, 981,000 and the fresh episode of Law And Order Criminal Intent, also at 8.30pm, averaged 980,000. Ten’s 7.30pm program, So You Think You Can Dance averaged 929,000.

The Losers: Nothing really. It was a fairly good night for everyone, including viewers. Although SBS’s exhumation of dear old departed Inspector Rex attracted 339,000 viewers. Sad, really.

News & CA: Seven News and Today Tonight both won nationally, but lost Melbourne to Nine. The Sydney News for Nine fell to 282,000 and was beaten by the 7pm ABC News with 324,000. Ten News averaged 279,000 in Sydney and the second half of the Ten News in Sydney had more viewers than Nine News. Nationally Ten News averaged 910,000 and the late News/Sports Tonight, 409,000. The 7.30 Report averaged 954,000; Lateline, 343,000 and Lateline Business, 187,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 208,000, the 9.30pm edition, 153,000. 7am Sunrise 354,000, 7am Today on Nine, 300,000.

The Stats: Seven won 6pm to midnight All People with a share of 28.9% (28.7%) from Nine with 28.7% (30.1%), Ten with 20.3% (19.7%), the ABC with 17.6% (17.1%) and SBS with 4.5% (4.4%). Seven won Sydney well with the soccer doing well and lost Melbourne by a big margin with The AFL Footy Show the difference Seven won Brisbane and Perth. Nine won Adelaide. Nine still leads the week 28.3% to 27.7% for Seven. In regional areas a big win to WIN/NBN with 32.3% from Prime/7Qld with 26.2%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 19%, the ABC with 16.0% and SBS with 5.7%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Collingwood’s drinking and driving woes, plus Eddie McGuire, and Sam Newman ensured The AFL Footy Show audience jumped from last week’s low numbers to 425,000 last night. That was 94,000 more than a week earlier. In Sydney and Brisbane though, the NRL program shed some viewers from the recent peaks of a week earlier, despite having an exclusive interview with runaway player, Sonny Bill Williams. The interview itself was tragic. He is a confused player and seems to be speaking other people’s words. The Nine journalist who did the interview, Danny Wiedler, is very close to Williams’ new manager, Kode Nasser, who is also manager of boxer Anthony Mundine. Mundine has Rugby League form similar to Williams’ complaints about people not giving him respect and not being paid enough. He was on a reported $400,000 a year from Canterbury and would have received upwards of $2 million over five years!

Wiedler managed to slip in a plug into the 6pm Nine News last Sunday week for a Mundine fight. It gob smacked reader, Mike Munro. Nine must have thought it was worth it, despite the plug, because Wiedler got to France to interview Williams. Anyway The NRL Footy Show averaged 261,000 in Sydney, down from 287,000 last week and 156,000 in Brisbane, down 4,000. Those are still a lot better than three or four weeks ago and at least the program had something to interest viewers. Seven’s Make Me a Supermodel added over 110,000 viewers last night at 8pm from its debut Wednesday night. The soccer from the Games averaged 851,000 across two hours which was okay. Make Me a Supermodel easily accounted for Ten’s So You Think You Can Dance, which is its aim.

Tonight and the weekend: the Olympic Games on Seven and SBS. Consult your guides for anything different.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports