As the race to the White House cools down for the Olympic period, the media focus on the important bits… like dodgy donations, left handed candidates and Paris Hilton.

Barack 1, Paris 2 –  I have been a dyed in the wool Obama fan from the time I read his books last year. In contrast, I don’t think I’ve ever had a positive thought about Paris Hilton until today. — Andrew Bartlett

Gas station TV network refuses Obama ads – It seemed like a brilliant idea from Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign: Show an energy ad across Florida on Gas Station TV, displayed on TV monitors on petrol pumps. But the network refused the ad, which accuses Republican John McCain of failing to help the nation develop alternatives to oil. — USA Today

Just when you thought it was safe, Nader’s coming back – Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader is quietly making headway in his third bid for president. — McClatchy

Pressure to Donate to Romney Alleged in Lawsuit – A former executive who says his boss pressured him to contribute to Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has filed an employment-bias complaint that offers a rare glimpse behind the curtain of big-money corporate fund raising. — Wall Street Journal

Did New York couple give $61,600 to McCain, GOP? Despite what appears to be a middle-class lifestyle, Alice and Pasquale Rocchio  have written $61,600 in checks to John McCain’s presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee, most of it within days of McCain’s decision to endorse offshore oil drilling. — McClatchy

America’s next president: A leftie bent – Both Obama and McCain are lefthanded, unleashing conspiracy theories about this sinister aspect of the presidential campaign. — The Economist