Indigenous Clash Over Development Of Amazon. Brazil’s Supreme Court is expected to decide this month whether the government can continue to evict rice farmers from a recently created 4.2 million acre (1.7 million hectare) Indian reservation in the Amazonian rainforest. The reservation, created in 2005, is home to 18,000 indigenous people. Recent efforts to evict rice farmers and other settlers have led to violent clashes. — Yale Environment 360

Arctic Map Plots New ‘Gold Rush’. Researchers at Durham University have drawn up the first ever ‘Arctic Map’ to show the disputed territories that states might lay claim to in the future. — Science Daily

The Greenest Notebook Computers Of 2008. 
Laptops are typically much more energy efficient than desktops. They are, however, no greener than desktops in other regards
they typically contain the same hazardous components, and they are not easily recycled. However, a few green notebook computers are now on the market. — Metaefficient

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If it’s Organic is it Still Junk Food? When Pizza Hut announces an organic pizza in recycled packaging do you feel the breeze from the green pendulum swinging right past you? It true…Pizza Hut, the paragon of hot, indulgent, tasty, slab ‘o cheese and meat has announced plans to launch a new “all-natural” pizza made with organic tomatoes, toppings made without artificial preservatives and a multigrain crust. — Inside Socal


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