Negative campaigning works: McCain claws back Obama’s lead.

GOP attack ads reduce Obama’s lead – The candidates are neck and neck according to weekend polls which show McCain has recovered from Obama’s nine point lead and they’re now neck and neck.  — Chicago Tribune

Candidates rush towards compromise on offshore drilling – Barack Obama’s move to soften his stance on offshore drilling has been met with support by John McCain, whose campaign has said “he too might support such a compromise package.” — NYT

McCain speechless on the race cardIt was widely reported last week that McCain’s campaign had decried Barack Obama for playing the race card. Radar links to a video of how McCain responded when asked to explain exactly why they’d make that charge against Obama. It’s instructive viewing.

Grassroots campaign for Obama VP – As the clock ticks on VP nominations, two members of the US political blogosphere have launched ObamaClark, an online campaign to push Wes Clark for the Democratic VP slot, focusing on his long-standing objection to the Iraq war and the face of America an Obama-Clark administration would present to the world. — Techpresident

Let Obama be Obama – Gore Vidal has joined a number of signatories to an open letter by The Nation calling on a “wavering” Barack Obama to maintain his stance on key issues which won him the Democratic primary, including a withdrawal from Iraq on a fixed timetable.  — The Washington Note

McCain dodging the press – “When the top news story of the day is that your campaign has snubbed the traveling press corps; your campaign is not having a good day.” — The Moderate Voice