I have no ambition left. British celebrity opinionista Julie Burchill tells The Guardian about being sacked from The Times, that the cash paid by the Daily Mail to serialise her book was barely enough for a weekend’s martinis, and how she lacks ‘sensible genes’. She also has a spray at her media brethren: “Everybody knows that hacks are the biggest bunch of adulterers, the most misbehaving profession in the world – and you have people writing for the Daily Mail writing as though they are vicars … moralising on single mothers and whatnot.” — The Guardian [submitted by Neil W.]

A floor of one’s own. According to the New York Times, the hospitality industry has recently resurrected a trend last seen in the 1980s: Women-only hotel floors. The Crowne Plaza chain is leading the way, offering a “Women’s Executive Level” to complement its male-aimed “King Executive Level.” On the women’s floor, you get “a variety of amenities like a Victoria’s Secret robe, a blow dryer and vanity mirrors.” Meanwhile, on the men’s floor, you get a private lounge and “everything from free cocktails to concierge services.” Hey, wait a minute! — Salon

Pam: Girl on the Loose reviewed. The most striking visual element of “docu-series” Pam: Girl on the Loose – setting aside the pinup figure of Pamela Anderson, itself a major work of contemporary popular art—is the texture of the light. The creators made a decision to relay Anderson’s doings in shocking tones of pale. Though the look happens to be richly evocative—of Malibu glare, platinum-blond bling, stargazing gauziness, New Age celestial radiance, and flashbulb blaze—one suspects the real intent is to wash out whatever lines and blemishes exist on the face and frame of the star, who just turned 41. Or else it’s a visual pun on the idea of overexposure.Slate

You Don’t Know Me: A Citizen’s Guide to Republican Family Values. An excerpt from a new book which details more than 100 cases of sexual misconduct by Republican officials, officeholders, and ideological supporters. The title was origincally going to include A–Z, “because we categorize the different manifestations of Republican sexual disorder and hypocrisy alphabetically, from Adultery under the letter “A” to Zoophilia under “Z.” A majority of the infractions are criminal in nature, and the most disturbing category is pedophilia. There are 46 Republican pedophiles listed under this heading, out of a total of 110 individual cases in the book. That’s almost 45 percent. — Radar