The new CEO at Citibank is not a sports buff and has told internal staff to advise Sydney Swans that their long-time sponsorship will not be renewed after it ends in 2011.

Jeff Kennett continues to prove he just doesn’t get it regarding g-ys/p-edophiles. Melbourne g-y paper MCV reports him as saying “I was trying to point out that when certain private issues become public, you do what you can to stop abuse, and to act in advance of misdemeanors.” When asked if he would be making a public apology to the g-y community, Kennett said: “Why would I? I haven’t offended the g-y community. I was merely trying to illustrate a duty of care.” The gay community seems pretty offended to me — forming a Facebook Group called “Jeff Kennett: Up Yours! We Do Not Need To Protect Anyone From Gay Men!” The same day Caroline Wilson on RealFooty reported that the Hawks had been granted a licence for 80 poker machines in their new gin palace in Caroline Springs. Wonder what his mates at beyondblue think of Jeffy profiteering from problem gamblers to the tune of an estimated $1m a year?

From The Tree of Knowledge: “The Libs have begun including ‘digg it’ links on their media releases. Unfortunately, they’ve been having trouble getting any digs, but the Liberal Party being the Liberal Party, they weren’t deterred, they just decided to digg themselves. It’s not the first time either — the ‘LiberalParty’ user has dug 18 Lib media releases in the past 24 hours. As even traffic enhancement blogs recognise (see for example here and here), digging your own content is dodgy business. While it’s technically not prohibited, it’s considered to be poor form by the community. If there’s one iron clad rule of online campaigning it’s respect the norms of the community you’re trying to engage… If this is indicative of the Libs online outreach efforts Labor doesn’t have much to worry about.”

All is not well between Myer and their face, Jennifer Hawkins. Her increasingly busy schedule, which now inclues Channel Seven’s Make Me A Supermodel (as well as several other endorsements and Seven’s travel show) means that Myer is getting less of her time (despite a multi-million equity package — if Myer performs). Also, expect to see Jen wearing some exclusive DJs designers for her Make Me A Supermodel hosting gig, which will test relations even further. Producers are not happy with Myer’s designer line-up, and have turned to some DJs exclusives. On another front, Jen is not happy that Myer is planning to give their other face, Rebecca Twigley, more exposure.

I refer to the article “ACCC may shackle grocery chains that was written in The Age on Tuesday. I would like to support this article by providing you sensitive information about this activity occurring on Barrenjoey Rd, Newport, 2106 NSW. At present, the Northern Beaches are monopolised by Woolworths in Avalon, Mona Vale, Warriewood, and Narrabeen. All stores are at least 1500 sqm. In 2000, the ACCC asked Woolworths to let six of their stores go (as part of a deal) in order to acquire 67 Franklins stores. One of these stores was a Food for Less store in Newport. At present, a development due to complete in Feb 09 will see the opening of a new Coles store open on the former Food for Less site in Newport. The net retail space is about 1650 sqm. This retail space (Coles) is more than sufficient to accommodate residents for their grocery needs in and around Newport (demographic is about 10,000), as well as complement the surrounding independent businesses.

Only 300 metres on the same side of the road, Woolworths have only recently acquired a site for $7 million. They are also planning to buy adjacent properties to amalgamate and rezone their development. One of the adjacent sites is council owned. They aim to do a joint venture with council comprising of residential, commercial, and a Woolworths store with a trading space of 3000 sqm!

Additionally, directly opposite the road, a Woolworths petrol station has just opened in the last few months. There are now three petrol stations in Newport. As there has not been a development application lodged yet, I believe that there is still enough time to restrict the commencement of a 2nd supermarket opening in a small coastal town such as Newport subject to various competition tests to be put in place like the ones introduced in Britain.

The Northern Beaches will ultimately have a Woolworths site in every town with a driving distance of only four to five minutes between each if the one in Newport gets approved. Avalon, Woolworths, 2000 sqm. Newport, 3000 sqm, (proposed). Mona Vale, 4500 sqm. Warriewood, 2000 sqm. Narrabeen, at least 1500 sqm. The above suburbs all within a very small radius and a total population of no more than about 45,000.

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