GM crops vandalised. Protecting field trials of genetically modified crops from vandalism has become the largest cost for U.K. scientists studying the organisms. A Leeds University scientist said one trial that cost £25,000 had a “six-figure” bill for security. Activists have vandalized numerous trials, prompting officials to install 24-hour security and fences at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany. — Yale Environment 360

Inside China’s coal industry. As it turns out, the perception that China is building antiquated coal plants based on any old technology is itself a bit dated; companies are building high-efficiency plants, tearing down old ones and installing conventional pollution controls at truly astonishing rates. — Climate Feedback

NYPD hard on cyclists. — A member of international bicycle activist group Critical Mass has been roughed up and detained by a New York cop in the latest of a series of anti-biking incidents. Even though Critical Mass has permission to hold their monthly rides without a permit, the police don’t seem to care. They’ve been ticketing cyclists involved in the ride for whatever minor infractions they can come up with — like lack of proper lighting, riding outside of the bike lane, etc. And this year one cop decided to get rough, and violently knocked a cyclist off his bike and onto the pavement.Green Daily

Fish armour for soldiers. African fish that have trolled for prey in murky freshwater pools for nearly 100 million years sport the best of the best in body armor. Now a team of engineers has dissected the aquatic armor, figuring out how it works in an effort to suit up future soldiers. Live Science