Could lime solve climate change? Scientists say they have found a workable way of reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere by adding lime to seawater. And they think it has the potential to dramatically reverse CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere. — Scientific Blogging

Gordon Brown glued on climate change. A protestor from an anti-climate change group called Plane Stupid has attempted to glue himself to British PM Gordon Brown in protest against a plan to expand Heathrow airport. Then he tried to glue himself to the Downing Street gates on the way out but admitted “I didnt’ have much glue left at that point.” — Climate Progress

What is Gore’s next step? His doco The Inconvenient Truth spelled out the problem, now Al Gore’s trying to sell the solution to global warming: “When we send money to foreign countries to buy nearly 70 percent of the oil we use every day, they build new skyscrapers and we lose jobs. When we spend that money building solar arrays and windmills, we build competitive industries and gain jobs here at home.” — Grist

Pollination threatened by ‘battery bees’. Bees provide crucial pollination service to numerous crops and up to a third of the human diet comes from plants pollinated by insects. However, pollinating bees are suffering widespread declines in North America and scientists warn that this could have serious implications for agriculture and food supply. While the cause of these declines has largely been a mystery, new research reveals an alarming spread of disease from commercial bees to wild pollinators. — Science Daily

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