Be a little more Hillary. Republicans have been grumbling for a little while, saying that John McCain’s campaign is adrift. McCain shook up his staff earlier this month in response to the concerns. Now, a leading conservative magazine is suggesting McCain do what would seem unthinkable for a Republican: Imitate Hillary Clinton. — Salon

From one old dinosaur to another. As newspaper companies lose billions in market capitalization and innovation-minded journalists battle newsroom “curmudgeons” shell-shocked by the rapid pace of change amid increasingly dire economic realities, a lesson in burn-the-rule-book transformation might come from an unexpected source: General Motors. That’s right, the once-dominate car maker, which missed every trend that has lead to Toyota’s dominance, from quality to environmentalism, is betting the farm on a radical approach to a radical new car — and risks going down in flames if it fails. — Publishing 2.0

A daily dose of sci-fi. Tor Books, one of the biggest and most venerable publishers of excellent science fiction writing, has just launched a new blog that promises to bring the crunchy goodness of a Tor book to your RSS reader every day. With contributors like scifi authors Charles Stross and John Scalzi, you can expect cool essays on everything from trends in scifi writing to science experiments with testosterone. The best part, though, is that the site will feature regular doses of free fiction. — IO9

Alcoholism – choice or disease? Is alcoholism a chronic disease or a moral defect? I hope it is a disease. I need to believe that it is. Because if it isn’t, I am a horrible person. From the age of 19 to 27, whenever I drank – and I couldn’t stop drinking – I stole, lied, blacked out and punched police officers. If it isn’t a disease, then I chose to do it. I decided to spend my 20s with my face down a drain. — The Guardian


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