Blogwatch – the NT calls an early election

Small Mercies. I don’t think that the CLP can win this election, but they could certainly win back a few seats. The one to watch is David Tollner vs Matthew Bonson in the new seat of Fong Lim. — Club Troppo

Antony Green called it. In a post on 10 July, the ABC’s Antony Green predicted an early election for the NT, asking “Can Chief Minister Paul Henderson resist the opportunity on offer to call an early election and claim a personal mandate for the government he took over from Clare Martin last November?” — ABC

The ABC will have a website compiling information on the 2008 NT Election going live today. When it’s live you’ll be able to click to it from this page.

Poll Bludger has also promised an election guide, but in the meantime there are some interesting comments in the post about the election announcement here.

Will the intervention be an election issue? It will be interesting to see if it’s discussed in terms of federal implications – and if the intervention becomes an issue. If you’re a local territorian following the election,  Larvatus Prodeo is on the lookout for people to contribute guest posts on the NT election to their blog. — Larvatus Prodeo