A BMW made of … cloth. BMW’s cloth car, known by its concept name, GINA, features a virtually seamless outer skin made of a textile fabric that stretches across a movable substructure. By re-evaluating the hard body of the car, BMW figures that the lightweight design will require far less energy to produce than traditional BMW models. The overall car weight is significantly reduced, which in turns makes the vehicle far more fuel efficient. — Ecogeek

Forced species migration on the cards. When species are stranded in ever-shrinking habitats by climate change, humans may need to step in and move them to safety, an international team of researchers says in a study in Science. — Yale Environment 360

In search of giant sting rays. The Megafishes project financed by the National Geographic Society is in Thailand searching for giant sting rays which so far are known only from tales told by locals fishermen who claim to have caught rays weighing over 1,100 pounds with wingspans of 14 feet. — MSNBC 

PETA cops a serve. Grist points to a SMH article spanking PETA for its repeated use of nude girls in its campaigns. The article was called “Pro-vegetarian group treats women like meat.” The Grist author notes PETA’s frequent use of female nudity to get it’s point across “is especially ironic coming from a group that asserts, ‘Animals are not ours to use for entertainment.'” — Grist