In a World-Youth-Day themed week, why would the Wankley Award veer from the flock?

On Monday, Crikey’s Canberra Correspondent Bernard Keane gave The Australian some lashings for its overly rosy approach to the festivities. And fair enough too.

But really, the Wankley Award must go to WYD coordinator Bishop Anthony Fisher who was upset at the media — Lateline specifically — for re-hashing “old” stories of Catholic s-xual abuse and killing the party vibe.

“I think most of Australia was enjoying, delighting in the beauty and goodness of these young people … rather than dwelling crankily, as few people are doing, on old wounds,” he told reporters.

Bishop Fisher’s cranky comments caused a ruckus — understandably — so WYD organisers clarified. Fisher was aiming his comments at the media, not the abused.

Hm. The media is not actually a PR vehicle, even if it is doing a damn fine job of it right now.

Let’s do a deal. We’re willing to deal with special state police powers, rerouted traffic, a mostly maimed media, Ray Martin and listening to Christian music on Sky News so you can have your merry festival — if you wouldn’t mind letting us take a few of the acres of newsprint being devoted to WYD hagiography to defend those beautiful and good young people you like so much.

It’s what Hetty Johnston would want.