State of the Planet: The penguins are dying but we’ve got wind power and work covered.

Baby Antarctic penguins frozen fate. Tens of thousands of newly-born penguins are freezing to death as Antarctica is lashed by freak rain storms. Scientists believe the numbers of Adelie penguins may have fallen by as much as 80%. They fear that if the downpours continue, the species will be extinct within ten years. — Climate Ark

Travelling green. The Ecogeek blog had a couple of interesting stories about the experiements people are doing to harness natural power for travel. In one case, a boat powered by the ocean has successfully travelled from Hawaii to Japan. The Suntory mermaid II travelled the 4,350 mile journey using  wave-power technology, with extra electricity coming from solar panels to run navigation lights. Meanwhile, back on land, the creator of a “solar taxi” has spent just $100 on electricity to drive 20,000 miles through 27 countries on a world tour which aims to end in Poland in December for the World Climate Change Conference. — Ecogeek

Floating wind turbines take to sea. A British company is poised to construct the world’s first floating wind turbine, in a move that could herald a new generation of cheaper, less problematic wind energy. — The Guardian

Green energy creates jobs. A study by the Worldwatch Institute concludes that wind, solar, biomass and biofuels industries are more labour-intensive than the heavy-infrastructure oil, gas and coal industries, suggesting the switch to renewables is creating more jobs than it sheds. — Carbon Positive