Looking forward to Penny Wong’s Green Paper announcement.

For Professor Jeffrey Sachs the timing was perfect. For Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong, it was somewhat less so. The economic adviser to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon breezed into Canberra’s Australian National University this week to announce that emissions trading – the Rudd Government’s biggest weapon in the fight against dangerous climate change – was, in effect, a dud.Climate Change Emergency News

Queensland’s equisite timing on coal. — Much of Queensland’s vision splendid is coloured black – coal, coal and more coal. Three more mines and a 40% increase in exports, to be exact... The emissions count where the stuff is burnt, not where it’s mined, so that’s OK then. —Larvatus Prodeo

‘Petrol price’, ‘ETS’, and ‘easier’ are actually mutually exclusive in any sentence. Alarmists spruiking petrol prices of $8/litre should be soundly whacked around the melon with a clue bat. What effect do they think that petrol price increases have on goods and services, and how is it supposed that low income families will cope with having to spend much more on petrol itself to go to work, and also forking out a small fortune for meat and fresh vegies? — Kae’s Bloodnut

Discussing the Green Paper. The Green Paper will fill in some of the blanks left remaining after the release of the Garnaut Review’s interim report last week. No doubt it will also set the tone for the developing political debate over the next few months, and a key to how that debate will proceed politically is a poll by Essential Media which suggests that the Coalition’s “wait for the world” message (if indeed that is their message!) is the wrong one. — Larvatus Prodeo