Wicked campervan in Cairns: “Save a whale … harpoon a Jap”. All avenues of complaint (racism) with the company have lead to dead ends. Who owns this abomination?

The joys of Telstra: I ridiculously lined up on Friday for the privilege of buying the iPhone from Telstra and get to the front of the line and served by a nice young man, only to be told 10 minutes into the conversation that their computer systems were down and had been for most of the morning! And that he could sell me a phone, but would have to fill out manual paperwork and couldn’t check to see what current plan I am on and if I was up for contract termination fees. He said he expected the system to be back up by 5pm. Typical Telstra, their biggest day of sales of the year, you’d think, and they stuff it up!

DFAT changes: Rumours are swirling around the corridors of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade that Deputy Secretary Doug Chester will become the head of AusAID.

WYD campers: For months our Sydney parish has been pleading for Homestay hosts to accommodate WYD pilgrims. Now, days before the event, most of us find out our beds are not required. Instead, pilgrims are bing diverted to sleep on the floors in State and Catholic schools, (with an official ratio of one shower to 75 pilgrims) at taxpayer expense.

Kidman hideaway: Nicole Kidman (who has been busy giving birth, overseas) has apparently bought a large “private retreat” in the Southern Highlands, in Sutton Forest NSW (well known to Dr Hewson). Problem? It is about to be adjacent to a large redevelopment, which the locals are fighting furiously. Nic and Keith had a “property scout” find the property for them, and have not yet inspected the place. “Private retreat”? – I think not.