Iceland protests aluminium industry. In Iceland, the battle between power companies and conservationists is heating up. As the aluminum industry’s plans to build dams and smelters move full steam ahead, Icelanders could well become the number one emitters of carbon dioxide per capita in the world. 10% of the population turned up for a protest concert starring locals Bjork and Sigur Ros. — Gristmill

Vegetarians live longer. A study of 1904 vegetarians over 21 years by the German Cancer Research Center found that vegetarian men reduced their risk of early death by 50% while women vegetarians benefit from a 30% reduction in mortality. Living longer seems not to be exclusively related to eating meat, though, as the results for moderate vegetarians was not statistically different from those for vegan or strict vegetarian diets. Treehugger

Antarctic ice breaking up, even in winter. Experts warned last March, at the end of the Antarctic summer, that the Wilkins Ice Shelf was disintegrating more quickly, but they expected that the winter cold would put the trend in a temporary deep freeze. But new satellite images show the ice is breaking up, even in winter. — MSNBC

Giant clams safe for now. Re-seeding programmes on over 50 reefs are securing the survival of the giant clam for at least another generation, according to WWF-Philippines. The world’s largest bivalve molluscs, they have been known to exceed 1.4 metres in length and weigh in at over 260 kilograms. — Science Daily

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