The UN Security Council has failed to impose sanctions against Zimbabwe. We wrap up some blog reactions to the latest news.

China, Russia veto sanctions. China and Russia have vetoed sanctions against Zimbabwe at the UN security council. But would the measures have been blamed for the country’s economic woes? — The Guardian

Result shows ‘fault lines’ in UN. The vetoed sanctions resolution against Zimbabwe at the UN Security Council on Friday has exposed the fault lines of international tensions than divide the West from Africa, Russia from the West and the United States from South Africa. — Huffington Post

Zimbabwe, Russia and the US. Farley argues that Russia has no interests in Zimbabwe, and is just thumbing their noses at us because we’re annoying them over other issues (missile defense, Iran, etc.). That seems reasonable (and likely one of the reasons), but I don’t think we can completely reject the Russian’s stated reasons: unwanted interference in a sovereign nation’s internal affairs. Russia clearly doesn’t want the world to have any say in how they conduct business and politics (the same is likely true for China).  — Bloodless Coup

Rushing towards a total collapse. It seems absurd to write about money when people are being slaughtered by uniformed men just a few kilometers outside of the capital city but perhaps it is the money crisis that will finally close everything down in Zimbabwe. — Channel 4