Pamela Anderson on Big Brother. Bless Pamela Anderson. She showed up in Oz for a guest stop as a Big Brother intruder, then trotted out her PETA campaign against KFC – one of Big Brother’s major sponsors. — Defamer

Posh chooses.. death before lipstick dishonour. Britain’s finest tabloid, The Sun, reports that while other passengers were being evacuated to the tarmac after a bird flew into the engine forcing the plane to screech to a halt. Caught in her PJs without makeup, Posh elected to stay behind to change clothes and put on her face. What a trooper. — The Sun (via Defamer)

Nicole Kidman’s baby Sunday. Let’s face it, this *was* the story of the week. There were heartfelt “aww Keith thanked fans for their support” stories, but the big story was “why did they choose the name Sunday?!”. Thank you Defamer for pointing out “Attention world – Sunday is just not that wierd a baby name!” For our money, the creepy news was that ex-hubby Tom Cruise sent Nicole “a room full of flowers” to congrulate her.
Christie Brinkley wins custody. New York’s celebrity divorce trial du jour has lurched to a halt with Christie winning custody of the two kids she’d had with Peter Cook. The New York Post ran perhaps the most boggling quote from the whole saga, taken from the last day of the trial: “In perhaps her most dramatic testimony today, she said she can’t fathom what motivated her disgraced husband to pleasure himself in front of strangers over a Web cam when he had a perfect home life.” Eww. We also had a giggle at the Celebitchy article which showed the extreme lengths Christie’s lawyers went to to portray her as a “power mom betrayed“”

“Her lawyer entered into evidence a dinosaur diorama she built with Jack for his science class ‘complete with a volcano and flying raptors.'”

Drew breaks up, again. So Drew Barrymore’s heartbroken again after her breakup with He’s Just Not that into You co-star (and Mac guy from the Mac versus PC ads) Justin Long. says: “I feel like we all have a lot riding on this. I feel like Drew is a mirror of myself. Like, if Drew Barrymore can find true love, maybe I have a chance. If she keeps breaking up with dudes time and time again, I am totally screwed.”

Sacha Baron Cohen’s wedding to Isla Fisher has been postponed. “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen and longtime fiance, Home and Away star Isla Fisher already have a child together, but it seems they’ve hit a nuptial roadblock – Isla’s a bad student. They’ve postponed their wedding until Isla’s finished her Jewish studies and converted to Judaism. Celebitchy reports she’s been busy with work and motherhood, so the wedding, originally scheduled for late summer, is now postponed indefinitely.


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