Political mavens and fans of Rob Sitch & Working Dog productions were hanging out for their satire on Canberra’s public servants, Hollowmen. Here are some of the first reactions to the new show.

It’s Kevin Rudd. The creators of new political satire The Hollowmen claim that the ABC program is no rip on new PM Rudd…. it clearly is based on Rudd – whose staff (the program’s focus) struggle to keep up with his make-it-up-as-you-go policy directives on whatever issue strikes him as the concern du jour. — Tim Blair

The only work of Australian made fiction currently worth watching. The character of Tony, played by Rob Sitch, is as good as his Mike Moore role from Frontline. His almost sexual attraction to words that don’t mean anything finds the exact point between exaggeration and sad reality that makes for great satire. — The Talkies

And The Age says. The opener shows, in low-key style, with sandpaper-dry wit and wickedly well-observed exchanges, how the cogs work and why the vehicle doesn’t make any progress. The Age

Snooty, aren’t we. I think I can confidently predict that Working Dog’s new production The Hollowmen will be one of the highest rating television shows in Canberra this week. — Daddy-Fu