Rum, sodomy and fuel prices. Catallaxy points to protests in Malaysia over rising fuel prices, saying”so much for the world caring enough about climate change to want to wear price increases”. Apparently the protests started out about fuel but also evolved into a general anti-goverment rally in light of new sodomy allegations against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and a scandal involving his rival, deputy PM Najib Razak. — Catallaxy

Secret World Bank report on biofuels. The Guardian quotes ‘senior development sources’ as saying the World Bank supressed an economists report on biofuels to avoid embarrassing George W. Bush. The report, by a World Bank senior economist, says biofuels have pushed up global food prices by 75%. — Gristmill

Australia, stranded in the driveway. I am an Australian petrolhead… Australians are about to realise they that their beloved cars have become too expensive to run – and public transport is woefully inadequate. — The Guardian

Obama talks bikes. Is Barack Obama the first presidential candidate who wanted to talk about federal bicycling programs for the US? He met with reps from 160 bike groups and “groups trying to promote bicycling as a viable alternative means of transportation hope to mint such feel-good sentiments into a firm commitment for expanded federal funding.” — CQ Politics (via Gristmill)