A lobbyist reports that there is a new requirement in Parliament House that their passes show the sponsoring MPs or Senators. Industry representatives and other lobbyists are required to have two MPs sponsor their applications for a pass that permits them unescorted access to Parliament House, and industry reps prefer to keep it bipartisan, usually asking the relevant minister and their shadow equivalent to authorise passes. The requirement that MPs be identified would make clear who is sponsoring whom, particularly lobbyists or representatives (such as Exclusive Brethren) who can’t get bipartisan support for their right to roam the corridors of power.

There was a fire in one of the African copper mines on Monday afternoon. Shareholders on the inside are selling their shares but the media has not been notified which is typical of the corrupt exploitive way the mines are run over there. I have no further information as to the location of the mines but I know shares have been sold within the hours of the explosion.

Oh, Anna Bligh, what have you done? Does the sound of champagne corks popping from the distant DFAT building in Canberra ring alarm bells in balmy Brisbane? You have just solved DFAT one of its most protracted and difficult staffing issues — what to do with the impossible Ms Wensley whose management style and staff relationships are the stuff of legend in the diplomatic service. Staff at government house in Brisbane should be calling their colleagues at Australia’s diplomatic missions in New Delhi and Paris for some advice on the trouble coming their way.

Hot tip for potential investors: Build a childcare centre! Eight kids in baby room at $60 per day, aged six weeks to two years  — 16 kids in room two at $55 per day, aged two to three — 24 kids in room three at $55 per day, aged three to four — 24 kids in room four at $55 per day, aged four to five —  24 kids in room 5 at $55 per day, preschool age. That’s guaranteed 51 weeks a year, five days a week income equals $4,880 per day, $24,400 per week, $1,244,400 per year income! Hail, rain or shine the money will come from the parents and government. All children supervised by 10 staff, (one senior plus one junior per room) each on average paid say $30,000 (includes super, longservice, etc) plus manager and admin/reserve paid say, $60,000 and $35,000. Thats umm, $395,000 wages bill for the year, add another $100k a year for insurance, permits and other costs will bring outgoings to $500k. Yes, one does have to buy the land, build a specialised building, fit it out and jump through the hoops getting accredited. Should take about two years to get your money back and after that its all yours! Aside from council planning there is no restriction in the number of childcare centres that can be built in an area. Even the Federal Government cant stop you opening one. Forget aboeut if there is a need in an area for a new one, people by nature will always go to the newest shopping centres and service stations so build one and watch the customers in that hokey not-for profit community-run child care centre down the road queue outside yours with money in their hands ready to sign the CCB application forms. With the profits from the first, build another and so on. If you are clever, in ten years you could own 12. Even more if future federal budgets increase the CCB contribution. It’s legal, but immoral. Nearly every private school in my area has one.

Sunday roast? You’re Kidman me. Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban having a lend of the media with the name of their new baby, Sunday Rose? Remember that old Meat & Livestock Australia TV advert featuring a young woman turning down dinner with Nicole’s ex, Tom Cruise, in favour of mum’s lamb roast? Well done, Nicole.

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