Why Canada is the best haven for climate change. Canada is the best place to move to if you want to be a climate change survivor in the decades ahead. The best-to-worst rankings are revealed in the first-ever climate change vulnerability index, produced by Maplecroft, a British consultancy which specialises in the mapping of risk. Its study, The Climate Change Risk Report, looks in great detail at global warming risks in 168 countries. — The Independent

Australia in for barrage of heat waves.
Australia is in for a tenfold increase in heat waves as climate change sends the mercury soaring. A report by the nation’s top scientists has found exceptionally hot years – which used to occur once every 22 years – will occur every one or two years. Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke said the report, released today, made alarming reading. CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology wrote the report, which found droughts would occur twice as often and cover twice the area due to climate change. — The Australian

Climate risk from flat screen TVs.
The rising demand for flat-screen televisions could have a greater impact on global warming than the world’s largest coal-fired power stations, a leading environmental scientist warned. Manufacturers use a greenhouse gas called nitrogen trifluoride to make the televisions, and as the sets have become more popular, annual production of the gas has risen to about 4,000 tonnes. — The Guardian

Taking Costa Rican lifestyle to Cali. When wildlife biologists Greg Massa and Raquel Krach returned to the United States in 1997 after five years in Costa Rica, they hoped to live a lifestyle that matched their ideals.They moved to the Northern California rice farm and adopted two children, planted a few acres of organic rice and tried to create an ecologically friendly farm. — LA Times