Australian newsreaders give us an O. Blame Gawker. They recently posted an article about 50 US TV newsreaders giving their O face. See it here. MediaMook presents the O Face: Australia edition. Remember — the dirtier your mind, the more you’ll enjoy them.

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Nine scores a ratings try. A win to the Nine Network thanks to a strong Sunday night and the State of Origin Rugby League telecast on Wednesday night. Nine won with 29.5% (28.8%) from Seven with 27.6% (27.7%), Ten with 19.8% (19.9%), the ABC unchanged on 17.5% and SBS on 5.6% (6.0%). Nine won Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Seven won Adelaide and Perth. The State of Origin Rugby League game did well for Nine this year, much better than in 2007 when it could only win one of the three weeks that games were played in because of the weakness of its line up. This year it won all three. But now its down for the big run into the end of the year with the Seven Network having to improve noticeably if its to approach its performance of last year. On last night’s effort, its going to be a long wait for Seven. Nine won Sunday night easily. The three State of Origin of games had successive record audiences: the three two million plus audiences were also rare in that very few other programs have achieved that level so far this year in ratings. — Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: 11 programs with a million or more viewers. It is school holidays in some states but that didn’t excuse the way the audiences for Seven and Ten fell sharply last night The audiences for Nine and the ABC (and SBS) were stronger. 60 Minutes was tops with 1.946 million, its highest audience on the night. Domestic Blitz on Nine at 6.30 pm averaged 1.578 million and Nine News was 3rd with 1.566 million. CSI was 4th with 1.555 million and Seven News averaged 1.527 million in 5th spot. Gladiators averaged 1.258 million in 6th and the 7 pm ABC News averaged 1.227 million. Seven’s Battle of The Choirs averaged 1.159 million and the first regular Dr Who ep with Catherine Tate returning averaged 1.112 million at 7.30 pm for the ABC. (Escapist Robin Hood!). The ABC’s 8.30 pm telemovie Valentine’s Day was nice, but I think the producers fluffed the end. It should have been left a little uncertain because there was an interesting idea for a tele soap buried in the program. The program averaged 1.037 million and it ran second behind CSI. Nine’s 9.30 program, Without A Trace averaged 1.018 million at 9.30 pm. The Einstein factor was 12th with 987,000, and left some more high profile programs in its wake in the night’s rankings (see below).

The Losers: Losers? Seven’s Private Practice,935,000, Lipstick Jungle, 642,000 Big Brother at 6.30 pm, 753,000, Big Brother Eviction, 965,000. It was live,, but that didn’t save it from being thrashed by Dr Who, Seven and 60 Minutes. Dexter did well for Ten at 9.50 pm. 932,000 is encouraging. It’s a cult program with a yukky premise. Big winner of the night and weekend: Nidal and Federer. Their game spanned two ratings day, finishing as it did after 6 am this morning. Nine’s audience was 656,000 up to 2 am, which isn’t bad for a match with no involvement from Australians. Only Tiger Woods’ US Open win was a better viewing experience this year.

News & CA: Nine News won Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Seven News won Brisbane and Perth. Ten News At Five averaged 928,000. World News Australia averaged 287,000. In the morning Weekend Sunrise averaged 370,000; Landline, 259,000 (With an interesting story about water and a dam in Tasmania); Insiders on the ABC at 9 am averaged 198,000. Was Kerry Cassidy back from overseas, or was it Barry O’Brien? A certain guest was confused. Weekend Sunrise early from 7.30 am, 162,000. Sunday 145,000 (a good Ross Coulthart yarn), Inside Business 140,000, Offsiders 117,000, Meet The Press, 56,000 on Ten at 8 am.

The Stats: Nine won with a share of 33.9% (32.9%) from Seven with 21.9% (25.5%), Ten with 19.1% (19.0%); the ABC with 18.7% (17.4%) and SBS with 6.4% (5.2%). Nine just won everywhere and won well. In regional areas Nine won through WIN/NBN with 38.2% from Prime/7Qld with 21.1%, the ABC with 17.0%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 16.3% and SBS with 7.5%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Ratings might be close between Seven and Nine for bragging rights for the year, but if last night’s performance by Seven is any guide, its all over. Seven reverted to the worst of its misery years back in 2004 when it struggled (and 2005 for that matter and much of 2006) to start the rating week on a high. last night was a deep, deep low. I know there are school holidays and it is a factor, but that didn’t seem to stop people from watching Nine. Seven news was the rating peak and it was all down hill. Lipstick Jungle at 9.30 pm will be off to join Cashmere Mafia in the wannabees club, resting in a vault, never to be re-opened except over Christmas New Year, and even then late at night.. Private Practice is heading that way as well. I know different timeslots and programs, but Einstein factor is such an inoffensive program, mildly diverting at best, but more people preferred that on the ABC at 6.30 pm than Private Practice at 8.30 pm. More people preferred Einstein Factor than either of Ten’s Big Brother offerings. So Einstein Factor is TV ratings rocket juice, or Private Practice, Big Brother and Lipstick Jungle are ratings death (Why did I ask that question, the answer is self- evident). Tonight. City Homicide on Seven at 8.30 pm. Andrew Denton’s Elders at 9.35 pm, Ten’s Good News Week. Talking Heads at 6 pm on the ABC with Tom Uren. Top Gear for revheads on SBS. Farmer Wants A Wife. Nine is trying really hard. It’s programmed a repeat of CSI at 10.30 pm to try and extend the night and maintain share.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports.