Oliver Stone and George W. It’s a conversation any father and son might have — a quick chat about baseball, families and world affairs. But when the speakers are President George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush, even a seemingly innocuous conversation can suddenly carry great weight, especially when Oliver Stone is at the controls. — LA Times

My day at reality TV school. According to the crude text on the New York Reality TV School website, the school’s mission is to pioneer “the development of reality TV training in order for professionals and beginners to take their place as exciting, confident and vibrant real people/entertainers on any reality TV show.” — Slate

Does the Invisible Hand Need a Helping Hand?
 A behavioural scientist looks at how market interactions can fail to optimise the rewards of participants—e.g., the micromanager who gets less than he wants from his employees. For Bowles, the key is that policies designed for self-interested citizens may undermine “the moral sentiments.” — Reason Online

Forget Air Guitar, try Air Piano. Omer Yosha has created a pretty cool instrument. The Air Piano is an electronic piano of sorts that lets you play notes without touching any keys. It uses infrared technology to detect movement and plays a music note based on where the movement came from. — OhGizmo

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