Janet Albrechtsen on the retirement of Alexander Downer: Alexander Downer, our longest serving foreign minister, will announce his retirement from politics this week. When he departs, the Liberal Party will lose one of this country’s staunchest defenders of individual liberty and conservatism. Sure, the Left will cheer his departure. Let them. It will be a sign of Downer’s contribution to conservative politics in Australia if his departure is applauded by his critics.

Various Romanian state writers on the occasion of Nicolai Ceaucescu’s 62nd birthday, 1979: Always fighting, always watching the man who is mounting guard on the country’s righteous rule. Her presence is designed to foster and to turn loving speech into facts.

Albrechtsen On Downer: Downer has always preferred a robust free market of ideas. Start with his maiden speech in February 1985, where he called for national leadership based on a definable set of values, rather than a craving for popularity. And finish with his comments to The Australian at the weekend to mark his departure, where he criticised the current mood that favours symbolism over substance. Downer will go down in history as one of this nation’s best advocates of conservative principles.

Downer may have been born into a prominent Liberal Party family — his father, Sir Alexander Downer was a former Liberal Party cabinet minister — but he developed a passion for politics and ideas that, if we are honest, rarely accompanies a silver spoon. Few were more effective in defending the Liberal Party and Howard Government policy. And for a former diplomat, Downer was refreshingly free of verbose, say-nothing diplomatic-speak.

Various Romanian state writers on Ceaucescu: Comrade Ceausescu has become the symbol of the noblest ideals of freedom, peace, and progress for our party and for our people. Moreover, for all Communists and for all citizens, the presence at the head of our party and our state of comrade.

Nicolae Ceausescu represents the secure guarantee that these ideals and aspirations will be put into practice; it represents the certitude of our continually ascendant road; it represents the firm conviction that the victories achieved up to now will be supplemented by other, even richer ones, that Romania will unabatedly continue along the path outlined by the party program, the path of socialism and communism.

Albrechtsen On Downer: Perhaps that explains why the man who may have gone down in political history as the shortest-serving leader of the Liberal Party — for his eight month stint in 1994 at the age of 43 – will now be remembered as Australia’s longest serving foreign minister. And his achievements as foreign minister, pursuing Australia’s national interest at every step, make a mockery of Keating’s jibe.

All of which stands him in good stead for his new role — the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cyprus. But don’t for a moment think that Downer will be stepping aside from the wider debates in Australia. And thank goodness for that.

Various Romanian state writers on Ceaucescu: Union and fraternity are written on the tricolor. But who amalgamates the will of the nation. And animates young and old alike?
Who is that brave, daring man? He should not dread any dangers. For the entire people is around him, Freer, more united than ever, Victorious in his undertakings, throughout the years.