What makes a freshwater croc croak? Since 2005, the number of crocodiles dying in the Northern Territory has drastically increased. Toxic cane toads in the animals’ diet are being blamed. The drop in numbers of freshwater crocodiles could have serious implications for the rest of the ecosystem. — New Scientist

Geothermal ring of fire. Indonesia and the Philippines are looking to harness the geothermal power in their region, known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire” for its volcanoes. “Indonesia could run its economy entirely on geothermal energy and has not come close to tapping the full potential,” says Lester Brown, president of the Washington-based Earth Policy Institute. There will be several challenges along the way, according to Reuters.

Say hello to electric planes. The first two-seater aircraft running entirely on electricity should be available for personal buyers by the end of the year. “The glider weighs little more than 700 pounds and costs $133,000,” according to msn

China serious about climate change. Chinese President Hu Jintao says addressing climate change is in China’s interests. In a speech on Saturday, he said, “Party organisations and governments at all levels must give priority to emission reduction,” with more efficient energy use among the strategies to consider. China and the US are the two nations responsible for the highest greenhouse gas output, reports AFP.