Fabulous Friday trash wrap

Mini-me has a sex tape. ” I’d like to thank Vern Troyer, his lizard tongue, and his … partner … for my anticipated nightmares tonight.” Nuff said. — Idontlikeyouinthatway

Vivienne Westwood hated S&TC. Carrie may have frocked up in one of legendary designer Vivienne Westwood’s bridal gowns in the Sex & the City movie, but it didn’t stop the old trout from sounding off about how much she hated the fashions in the movie. Go Viv. — Celebitchy

Barack Obama dumps email bud Scarlett Johannson. Poor Scarlett, she was so happy that Barack Obama was returning her emails, but he’s gone on the record saying they are *not* in an email relationship. — New York magazine

Sienna Miller on lesbian scenes. Sienna Miller is happy to shoot gay love scenes, saying “Everyone dabbles”. Sure, it’s better than going the Tom “I’ll sue you” Cruise route every time someone mentions the G word, but we have to wonder how great her new movie is if she’s relying on good old tittilation to sell the thing. — Holy Moly