New York’s Greatest Divorces. While the saga of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook will no doubt provide some entertainment for a lazy summer on the East End, they have a lot to live up to — like the Perelmans, the Guilianis, and the Trumps. We’ve tenderly flipped through our scrapbooks to remember New York’s most fantastic divorces, and arranged them in ascending order of awfulness. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? — New York magazine

Cask wine, California style. We thought this posh fash mag take on wine was talking about wine packaged for sale in an alco-pop type package.. but then we realised – San Francisco’s just discovered cask wine! OMG! — Daily Candy

A green coal baron. Even in this era of green evangelism, Jim Rogers is a genuine anomaly. As the head of Duke Energy, with its dozens of coal-burning electric plants scattered around the Midwest and the Carolinas, he represents one of the country’s biggest sources of greenhouse gases. Yet Rogers, who makes $10 million a year, is also one of the electricity industry’s most vocal environmentalists. — NYT

News in the internet age. “Here’s the deal with Twitter as it applies to fast-breaking news: All it takes is one person with knowledge of a big-deal news event (in this case, anyone in the NBC building who learned about newman Tim Russert’s death) to instantly blast it out via Twitter to blow apart any notion you may have of holding back the tide for a few minutes.” — Poynter Online.