How green is your brand? Greenpeace has released a green rating of 18 major electronics manufacturers. The list was compiled after analysing the companies’ products and procedures. Sony Ericsson was at the top of the list, while Microsoft and Nintendo came in at the bottom. — Mercury News

The biofuel backlash. Biofuels producers have been accused of adding to the world food price crisis. Once seen as a plausible alternative energy source, environmental activists are considering that they may be more harmful than helpful. James Kanter of the Interational Herald Tribune wonders, “Has the biofuels backlash gone too far?”

Exxon damages reduced. The damages oil giant Exxon will have to pay for the major Valdez oil spill in Alaska have been reduced from $2.5 billion to $507 million. The company posted profits of $40.6 billion last year. — The Good Human

Unabated oil hunger.“World energy demand will grow 50% over the next two decades, oil prices could rise to $186 a barrel and coal will remain the biggest source of electricity despite its effect on global warming,” according to US government experts. — Yahoo! news

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