Synthetic dingo urine could save marsupials. Researchers are hoping to develop a synthetic equivalent to dingo urine, which deters possums, wallabies and kangaroos, so that timber companies will no longer have to use poison to keep them away from young saplings. — via Telegraph (UK)

Rollerblade for the planet. Police in Jakarta are engaging in a bit of nineties nostalgia, taking to the streets in rollerblades. It’s part of an effort to stop contributing to the city’s clogged roads and pollution problems. 21 of the city’s police officers have been skating around town. Green Daily notes that “at present the 12-million inhabitants of Indonesia’s capital are forced to drive if they need to travel long distances, as the city is all but devoid of public transportation — leading to some seriously clogged streets.”

Working less could save the environment. Longer hours encourage a culture of wastefulness, writes John de Graaf at WorldChanging. “[T]he long hours we in the United States work — some 300 more per year than western Europeans — mean we are more likely to rely on “convenience” and disposable items, such as heavily-packaged fast foods and single-use goods.”

The New Zealand Greens speak out against dihydrogen monoxide, otherwise known as water. New Zealand Greens MP Sue Kedgeley took a hoax email which described water as “a colourless, odourless, tasteless chemical used in all sorts of dangerous industries” at face value. Kedgeley supported a ban on the chemical before realising she’d been had. Oops. — via EarthFirst