The Queensland Law Society (QLS) has advised airport baggage handlers to lodge a complaint against Schapelle Corby’s former lawyer after he admitted in the Nine TV documentary that he fabricated the defence that baggage handlers put the drugs in Corby’s bag. Here, a Brisbane airport baggage handler tells their side of the story:

I spent days and then weeks buried under the barrage of constant accusations of baggage handler impropriety by Corby’s mother, sister, friends and supporters every time the TV or radio was on, and the front page of every paper.

I saw Mrs Corby as a regular camper in the foyer of the airport’s administration.

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The media took her side instantly, and we were badgered and harassed and brow-beaten on radio and TV — including by pollies and media commentators — for our sins.

People were running around demanding help for this poor innocent waif. CCTV footage? Stat Decs from baggies? Police investigations? It was if “we” were the ones on trial.

I saw people from Brisbane Airport company being frog marched around by media looking for camera angles while they tried to defend us, and the way the CCTV systems, and security processes work, answering witless crap scenarios and posturing by every idiot conspiracy theorist, while all the time the Feds here were saying the case was pretty clear.

I have no doubt pollies were also advised of Corby’s likely guilt or involvement, but we all know what courage they would have to say it publicly.

Meantime, someone needs to ask what the consequences and costs of this are to Australian aviation.

For one thing, it mixed irreversibly the concepts of airport “security” and airport “criminality” together and totally slandered those of us working behind the scenes.

The Corby circus had everything but dark satanic links and a cameo appearance by a dingo clutching a flaming baby.

We were picked on to become examples for fools to pontificate about “wot is rong with Airport Security” and no doubt drove many pollies to blindly support more absurd and hysterical security measures that had nothing to do with risk assessment and proportionate response and more to do with populist policy on the run.

I could go on, but you get my point! People think even if they just haul bags. We hated this hysterical, dishonest rubbish that was piled on us. We knew a full sh-t circus was going on and we are still p-ssed off.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey
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