Halal – the original ethical meat eating? Consider below the similarities between Zibah – the Halal slaughter method – and members of the slow food movement. This similarity is not lost on Riaz, the owner of Madani, who told Gourmet that he believes Halal butchery can help many Americans to accept Islam through shared eating values. — Eat. Drink. Better.

Ikea offers bike trailers for taking home flatpacks. After a survey found that 20 percent of its customers arrived by bike, the IKEA outside of Copenhagen hooked up with the Danish Freetrailer service to offer (relatively free) Velorbis bikes with trailers to customers. — Treehugger

The cost of a shrimp cocktail. Southeast Asia’s mangroves are being cut down for shrimp fishing – which made the effects of the recent tsunami and cyclone even worse. Then there’s the working conditions in the shrimp farms. Bottom line: Please don’t eat nasty farm-raised shrimp from tropical countries (every shrimp in the market or on the menu pretty much is). — Grist

Australia will talk tough at whaling talks. Environment Minister Peter Garrett said debate at the annual International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Santiago, at which Japan is expected to urge a resumption of full-fledged commercial whaling, would be robust. — AFP