Tennis match fixing allegations spread to Wimbledon. Last year the New York Times reported on a widening gambling scandal in professional tennis that implicated highly-ranked players. Now, allegations have arisen that eight Wimbledon matches (the tournament begins Monday) were fixed by professional gambling syndicates. — Huffington Post

140 matches ‘suspect’. Eight Wimbledon matches are under suspicion of being fixed by gamblers. The story comes from a dossier produced by leading bookmaking companies, and presented to the ATP Tour. Of the eight, four came at last year’s Wimbledon… The dossier identifies 140 matches worldwide that are “suspect”. — The Meaningful Collatoral

Navratilova calls for life ban for cheats.
 The Wimbledon club has dismisssed the allegations as “unsubstantiated gossip” but retired tennis great Martina Navratilova was taking it seriously in the Guardian: “The only way to really check on it is by betting patterns – and obviously there have been some betting patterns which are very disconcerting … To me any player that would lose a match on purpose – they are done for life, lifetime ban.” — The Guardian

McEnroe speculates the mob’s involved. After the news of the allegations about 8 fixed matches at last year’s Wimbledon, Tennis legend McEnroe allegedly noted that the Russian mafia or Russian mob could be connected to the fixed tennis matches at Wimbledon. — Associated Content