Teach the controversy. We love these absurdist, pro-science t-shirts. Teach the controversy takes on the intelligent design nutjobs among other myths and sacred cows. Note the t-shirt of a scientist hugging a nuclear plant and UFOs building the pyramids. Love! — IO9 

Creepy babies. Bev Graham describes herself as a “reborning” artist – making likelife dolls modelled on human babies which she says can help grieving mothers overcome the loss of a child. We think The Age was understating it a tad when they described the dolls as “sometimes creepily realistic”. We think the phrase “reborning” is even creepier. – The Age

Our national costume? Oh really?
We never expected to be on the same side as Ken Done in a fashion debate, but once you check out Australia’s “national costume” as modeled by our entrant in the Miss Universe pageant, you’ll understand. — Defamer

Animals on the runway. The BBC reports that heavy rains in India resulted in a rush of damp animals trying to dry off on the Delhi airport runway. The sudden appearance of jackals, monitor lizards and raptors on the runway resulted in numerous flight delays. It’s clearly a sign of the impending apocalypse. Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria! — BBC

The Encyclopedia Baracktannica. The US Media has been working overtime to create Barack words. Our favourite was Jon Stewart’s effort, Baracknophobia. Slate’s kindly put together an Encyclopedia of words which have been Obamified. Heaven help us. — Slate