I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. Economists take on the question of violence in sport. “Another of my favourite sports economics papers… is this one, on hockey violence. An ambitious economics student could easily replicate it for rugby league, I would’ve thought.” — Andrew Leigh 

Have we lost the moral values that underpin a commercial society. In a recent op-ed, David Brooks argues that the founders of western nations “built a moral structure around money. The Puritan legacy inhibited luxury and self-indulgence… For centuries, [the nation] remained industrious, ambitious and frugal.” But, Brooks continues, over the past 30 years much of that legacy “has been shredded,” while “the institutions that encourage debt and living for the moment have been strengthened.” — Becker-Posner

Anonymous takes on Scientology in London. While anti-Scientology protesters are under attack for using the word “cult” elsewhere in the UK, their comrades in London have adopted a novel tactic for getting their message across. I spotted this sticker this lunchtime on a pedestrian crossing on Tottenham Court Road, just yards from Scientology’s Dianetics centre. (You should click to see the picture – it’s marvellous.) — New Humanist
Schools of Robofish will soon infest the seas. Robots can already mimic people, dogs, cats and insects. They can even walk on water. Now roboticists at the University of Washington have built a school of three robotic fish that swim and communicate wirelessly with one another using sonar signals. — IO9


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