Are Men Boring? Are the traits that helped middle aged men become successful the same ones that make them conversational bores? “Men now are not interesting because they are not interested in you. They’ve stopped making an effort to look beyond themselves because there is nothing in it for them. Perhaps it’s something to do with the drop in testosterone.” (And there I was looking for an orgasm.) — More Intelligent Life

Spam – the Ultimate Survivor. How has a product whose pink color, strange consistency and enviable molecular stability — which made it fodder for countless jokes and even a Monty Python-inspired musical — remained relevant as a foodstuff people actually serve to their kids? — Ad Age

Summer of the Sensitive Slut. When you recognize that your “success” in life has cemented you on a path of unending compromise, getting paid to get screwed up the ass by a stranger really doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. So sure, we’ll tsk-tsk over Eliot Spitzer’s ambitious harlot or Heidi Fleiss’ slut brigade, but underneath it all, we know they’re kindred spirits, throwing a little leg to get a leg up in a world gone mad. — Salon

Wii have a problem. Women working out on the fitness computer game Wii Fit are helping to cause millions of dollars worth of damage to their homes. In Britain alone, it has been reported that bungling fitness fiends have contributed to a $41.5 million living room repair bill. —