He held off until the Democrats had chosen their candidate, and now Al Gore has thrown his weight behind Barack Obama’s election campaign. It looked for one heady moment during the joint speech that Obama was reciting Gore’s impressive political and climate change pedigree in the leadup to announcing Gore had accepted the VP slot, but that was always just a West Wing-fuelled fantasy, wasn’t it. Oh well.

The Goreacle Speaks. Al Gore has given his stamp of approval to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, but this raises a few questions. Why now? And will he be Obama’s running mate come November? — ABC

Too little too late. Wonkette says Gore’s endorsement comes too late, because all it does is “encourage his fellow Democrats to vote for the guy all the Democrats are voting for anyway.” We’d tend to agree. — Wonkette

Vote winner. Al Gore’s endorsement will give Obama a huge boost with undecided Democratic voters. — TPM

The speeches. the USA Today  has live blogging and transcripts of Gore and Obama’s speeches in Detroit. — USA Today