Albrechtsen. I wake up in the morning to news that I am a binge drinker because I indulged in more than three glasses of wine. But all the NHMRC report does is set consumption limits at ridiculous levels. — The Australian

Abbott concern. When Tony Abbott of all people complains about a “moral panic” you know something’s not right. — Catallaxy

Angry drinkers. Binge drinking is obviously a contentious issue for many Australians. Just take a look at some of the comments here at Larvatus Prodeo.

Prohibition doesn’t work. Binge drinking is a problem for people of all ages in Australia, but the draconian measures being proposed just play to hysteria that already surrounds the debate. — The Rab Experience

I drive a ute and I vote. We had to give the last word to this wood chopping, ute driving Aussie featured in an anti-alcopop tax ad produced for the Gippsland by-election. Go ute guy!