What is it that we are supposed to warm to when the camera takes us up close and personal with a psychopathic cold-blooded murderer

Precisely. So what was the Nine Network thinking when Eddie Everywhere introduced the “Underbelly home movies” on A Current Affair last night?

What sorts of parents take photographs of their baby swimming in a sea of drug money?

What sorts of parents hire the Palladium Room at Crown Casino for a slap-up “christening” and then contract Vanessa Amorosi, Brian Cadd and comedian Marty Fields to entertain a cast of thousands?

The Kookas wonder how many bent coppers were on the guest list and who was handling security at the door…

In one scene, one of these revolting people — they are not celebrities so they don’t deserve names — leans over to kiss the drop-dead gorgeous “babysitter” on the cheek during christening service and then grins into the camera that is in his face.

He seemed as high as a kite on a cocktail of the drugs he sold for a “living”. He was in a similar state when he dropped in to see Big Mick Gatto at La Porcella restaurant in Carlton on March 23, 2004. He had a drop-dead ugly grin on his face that day too – and a .38 revolver down his pants.

He was carried out a few hours later as dead as the six or seven other people whose lives he extinguished with a smile on his face.

In the voice over, presented by the other revolting person’s gangster mole ex-wife, this psychopathic mass murder is described as a gentle, kind family friend who would not hurt a fly. It is a bilious bald-faced lie. The Nine Network should be ashamed of itself running this muck.

Did they pay for it? If they did it should be looked at by someone with authority over these things.

Media Watch was rather amused last night that the Sunshine Scum gang had chosen the Nine Network as its preferred PR outlet whereas Channel 7 seems to have a similar exclusive arrangement with the Carlton Crew.

Must be a big murder trial coming up when all of this will be revealed?