You may already know this (or aren’t surprised by it!) that the ONLY media banned from the Channel 9 newsroom is Crikey! From the mouth of a journo herself. Cheers.

My daughter and partner booked an Adelaide Cairns flight many weeks ago. Days before departure last week they were advised that their flight would terminate at Brisbane instead and they would be on a flight to Cairns eight hours later. No chance or offer of rescheduling and they couldn’t change dates due to work commitments. Hence they spent eight hours at Brisbane airport because they weren’t allowed to check their luggage through early and apparently there are no facilities to store luggage either so they couldn’t go and explore Brisbane as they wanted to. A complete day wasted and not so much as an apology offered.

The outgoing Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria Dr David Cousins didn’t hold back in his farewell speech to staff and stakeholders this week. He laid into the Department of Justice (to whom he reports until today) saying essentially that he resented their interference in his work and wished he didn’t have to report to them. He also claimed that CAV was under-funded and lacked the respect of Government. It was hardly a surprise to all present that the event was held while the Secretary of Justice was on leave.

Senator Julian McGauran maintained his chequered reputation in Senate Estimates session last week – but this time his ill-informed tirade and reportedly bullying sniping & childish comments under parliamentary privilege have raised the ire of the Air Traffic Controllers and their association. McGauran went off on an unsubstantiated rant about supposed union abuse of Air Traffic Controllers’ sick leave provisions — failing to recognise firstly the legal provisions of ATC in acquitting their duties whilst fit at all times, and secondly ignoring his own previous government’s failure in oversight of the organisation, which is now shutting airspace on an almost daily basis because of chronic understaffing through poor planning. The Air Traffic Controllers are not impressed, apparently barraging his office with letters demanding he substantiate his claims outside of parliamentary privilege. The controllers were already fed up with the inaction on the part of their employer Airservices Australia to get serious about correcting these safety deficiencies — McGauran’s comments have only added to their frustration. Those that haven’t already left for proper paying work overseas or taken early retirement will now await a response from the Senator.

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