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Who’s behind Boned? An anonymous tipster writes: On the subject of Penguin book Boned‘s anonymous author…Jessica Rowe is the alleged subject of Eddie McGuire’s “boning” statement. Why has no one twigged that Jessica Rowe’s mother Penelope has already published five books of fiction

Warning — shameless self promotion Tune in to the new Tony Jones fronted Q & A on ABC1 at 9.30pm tonight where Crikey’s Stephen Mayne will be on the panel alongside the likes of Julie Bishop and Nicola Roxon. It’s live and unscripted so why not email through a suggested comment to Our man can grill these leading political ladies on anything from Obama to Iraq to petrol prices or the economy… suggestions please.

Benetton ethics For my advertising course’s major project I am writing a case study on United Colors of Benetton’s ad campaign that began in the 1980s as a way to build their brand image: “united colors of the world.” This fashion label was founded under the name “Benetton” and then adopted the united colors after their slogan “All the colors of the World,” proved to be so strong. In order to express the feelings and opinions behind their new name, the company launched three separate phases of ad campaigns that would help to build their brand image. — Adgabber

A brief history of Google Adwords All innovation looks inevitable, except while it’s happening. Google’s search advertising model didn’t spring forth fully formed. It was iterated, and many of the key concepts were borrowed — something many people don’t realize. But a few key market-defying decisions, and one stunning insight, made it all work. Here is a brief history to inspire, taken from John Battelle’s The Search (required reading for anyone who wants to innovate anything on the web). In late 1999, Google began testing a program to sell ads on a CMP basis, the dominant ad model of the time. — Publishing 2.0

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: Seven News was again tops with 1.548 million, with Today Tonight second with 1.473 million. Nine’s Search And Rescue at 8pm was 3rd with 1.431 million and the second and climatic ep of House was 4th with 1.387 million for Ten. Spicks And Specks won the 8.30pm slot for the ABC with 1.364 million and Fire 000 at 7.30pm for Nine averaged 1.339 million. The second ep of The Gruen Transfer averaged 1.273 million at 9pm and ensured the ABC was a clear winner of the hour from 8.30pm. The 7pm ABC News was 8th with 1.256 million, ahead of the Nine News at 6pm with 1.256 million. Nine’s repeat of Two And A half Men averaged 1.221 million at 7pm and the first ep of House at 8.30pm averaged 1.216 million and Seven’s Home And Away was 12th with 1.186 million. The New Inventors averaged 1/142 million at 8pm and Nine’s 8.30pm program Cold Case was 14th with 1.109 million. A Current Affair was 15th (and a bit low) with 1.083 million, just in front of The 7.30 Report with 1.076 million. The ABC News evening update averaged 1.047 million. The best program on ABC 2 Digital was Scrapheap Challenge with 53,000 at 6.35pm.

The Losers: Big Brother, 918,000 and won’t go any higher, it seems, unless there’s a stunt. Nine’s Missing Person’s Unit was higher at 915,000 than last week, but really deserves to be at 8.30pm where it has a better appeal to older viewers. Back to You at 8pm, 888,000 and Rules Of Engagement at 7.30pm, 854,000, were low, but did well in the 18 to 49 battle between the commercial Networks, according to Ten. Criminal Minds, not so much a loser but a squeezee: its audience of 926,000 is less than it should be but was hit by the competition on Ten and the ABC. Ugly Betty, 955,000: not so much a loser, but low for Seven at 7.30pm. Million Dollar Wheel Of Fortune, 593,000 at 5.30 pm, 300,000 behind Deal Or No Deal on Seven.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally but lost in Melbourne to Nine which also drew with the ABC with 395,000 viewers each. Seven was effectively third. Today Tonight won everywhere and continuers to easily beat the equally ‘showbiz’ (To quote Stuart Littlemore, QC) A Current Affair. Ten News At Five averaged a very solid 908,000; and the late News/Sports Tonight averaged 529,000 thanks to the good figures for the second ep of House. On the ABC, Lateline averaged 323,000, Lateline Business, 182,000. World News Australia, 204,000 at 6.30pm, Dateline, 217,000, the late News at 9.30pm, 209,000. 7am Sunrise up to 381,000, 7am Today down to 274,000.

The Stats: Nine 6pm to midnight (and 6 pm to 10.30 pm) with 25.5% (26.4%) from Seven with 25.0% (27.2%), Ten with 24.0% (21.2%), the ABC with 20.5% (19.9%) and SBS with 5.0% (5.9%). Nine won Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Seven won Brisbane and Perth. Nine leads the week 28.4% to 27.7%. In regional areas Nine won through WINB/NBN with 30.3% from Prime/7Qld with 24.9%, Ten through Southern Cross with 22.6%, the ABC with 16.4% and SBS with 5.7%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Up till last night 8.30pm Wednesday was one of the most competitive timeslots in the week. The advent of The Gruen Transfer on the ABC at 9pm has increased the intensity of the battle for viewers; but from now on, the ending of fresh eps of Ten’s House means that intensity will ease until later in the year when House resumes in the US and Ten has it on quick turnaround. Seven has been squeezed, so to Nine to a lesser extent. The arrival of The Gruen Transfer (there are eight programs to go) has seen Spicks and Specks’ audience at 8.30pm jump by upwards of 200,000 as viewers who watched it and The Chaser in tandem last year, return. House and The Gruen Transfer dominated all demographics up to the over 55’s who wanted seven News as usual last night. With The Gruen Transfer sitting in the top three last night in all those demos and draining valuable viewers away from Ten, and to a lesser extent, Nine and Seven, all that chat from the commercials about how they don’t take notice of the ABC is rot. They do and the advertisers, some of whose products were on the ABC last night being sliced and diced, do. That’s probably why I hear that Nine got all eager about a similar idea in April, but it disappeared in the Network’s internals and the ABC beat it to air. Ten claimed wins in 16 to 39, 18 to 49 and 25 to 54. But that’s in the battle with Seven and Ten. It ignored all the viewers in these groups over on the ABC. Tonight, its Getaway on Nine, plus the fading Footy Shows at 9.30pm. The AFL program saw a lift in audience last week to 425,000 after Sam Newman was taken off air and ‘rested’ in the back pocket.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports