Satin creep. Sky News satin-wearing presenters be on alert. Virginia Trioli wants your job! On Friday’s Lateline she showed she certainly had the sheen. In fact, she could have gone direct from the ABC studios to razzle-dazzling in a Bob Fosse tribute show… But that’s another story.

The rise and rise of Tom Mockridge. He’s come along for a finance journalist from New Zealand, and then with the Sydney Morning Herald, before rising to prominence as the spinner for Paul Keating, especially when the latter was Federal Treasurer, but Tom Mockridge has always shown an ability to rise and rise. Foxtel, Sky in London, then, chief executive of Sky Italia. Now he’s been appointed to the additional role of chief executive of European Television for parent company News Corporation. That makes him effectively number two in Europe to James Murdoch, who heads up BSkyB in London and who is also chairman and chief executive of News Corp Europe and Asia. Besides Sky Italia, Mockridge will oversee a minority stake in German pay-TV operator Premiere and a range of holdings in broadcasters in such countries as Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey. In the now standard Murdoch style, Mockridge has been elevated above his nominal boss, Marty Pompadur, the chairman of News Corp Europe. Marty will now oversee the company’s radio ventures in Russia and its outdoor advertising business. He will also serve as a consultant to the company. — Glenn Dyer

Ooooh I’m scared Welcome to the age where music is considered a gawd given right. That’s the end of it. Done. The musicians know it (see Radiohead, NIN, Coldplay and now Metallica, too). Ads like this one from MTV’s in-house unit aren’t going to reverse the trend of illegal downloading (see a larger image here). Seriously, what kid is going to look at this and be like, “Ooooh! I’m an ordinary thief!” And then what? — Mediabistro AgencySpy

Gratuitous excuse to run Bill O’Reilly expletives clip Yeah, you already knew Fox News host Bill O’Reilly could be a volcanic -sshole on camera, because he explodes at people all the time. But it’s still fun to watch O’Reilly thoroughly lose his sh-t in this old clip from his Inside Edition days, which resurfaced on the Web tonight. You have to feel for whatever poor soul wrote the script for O’Reilly’s teleprompter. Video — including the exclamation “F-ck it! Do it live!” — after the jump. — Gawker

Facebook keeps growing Facebook has raised $100m (£51m) to expand its server capacity to help the social networking website cope with an explosive growth rate in user numbers. Facebook is borrowing $100m from the venture loan company TriplePoint Capital to finance the expansion of server farms – computers that handle the increasing number of users as well as the increasing number of applications, pictures and video people add to the site. The site needs the money to cope with a dizzying growth rate that has seen worldwide monthly unique user numbers increase by 240% year-on-year for March this year from 32 million to 109 million, according to the research firm Comscore. — Mark Sweeney, The Guardian

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners:
Seven’s Border Security was top with 1.571 million people, followed by Seven News with 1.544 million, Today Tonight with 1.519 million and Surf Patrol on Seven at 8pm, with 1.447 million. Sea Patrol won the 8.30pm slot with 1.447 million people and 6th was Life In Cold Blood on Nine at 7.30ppm which finished with a solid 1.356 million. A Current Affair was 7th with 1.312 million and Desperate Housewives was 8th with 1.309 million. Nine News was 9th with 1.289 million and Home and Away was 10th with 1.289 million and won the 7pm battle. Nine’s Two And A Half Men lifted to 1.222 million for a repeat and 11th, ahead of the 7pm ABC News with 1.184 million. Big Brother was behind the news with 1.086 million and How To Look Good Naked at 8pm to 9pm faded from last week to average 1,065 million. Nine’s 9.30pm effort, CSI New York averaged 1.052 million in 15th spot.

The Losers: Ten, for the second night in a row. More Than Enough Rope on the ABC at 9.35pm: 897,000. OK, but if the repeats of the best of the bits we didn’t use show keeps up, how will viewers take new Enough Ropes episodes. Big Brother Big Mouth on Ten at 9.30pm: 660,000 – kill it now. Mythbusters in repeat on SBS at 7.30pm: 386,000. Actually SBS viewers are the losers for watching such a tired repeat.

News & CA. Seven News and Today Tonight won everywhere and nationally. Nine’s Sydney News was topped in the rankings by the ABC News at 7pm with 364,000 to 332,000. Seven News averaged 485,000 in Sydney. Ten News averaged 869,000, the late News/Sports Tonight, 308,000. Nine’s Nightline, 177,000. The 7.30 Report, 875,000, Lateline, 396,000, Lateline Business, 194,000. Four Corners, 846,000, Media Watch, 750,000. World News Australia on SBS, 290,000 at 6.30pm and 173,000 at 9.30pm. 7am Sunrise, 360,000, 7am Today, 292,000.

The Stats: Seven won 6pm to midnight with 29.0% (29.1%), from Nine with 28.3% (27.2%), from Ten with 20.1% (21.3%), the ABC with 17.4% (17.2%) and SBS with 5.3% (unchanged). Seven won Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Nine won Brisbane and Adelaide and leads the week, 30.2% to 28.3% for Seven. In regional areas another solid win for Nine through WIN/NBN with 33.0%, from Prime/7Qld with 27.2%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 17.5%, the ABC on 16.7% and SBS with 5.6%. Once again Big Brother and How To Look Good Naked bombed in regional markets.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: A good night again for Seven and a grim one for Ten. Big Brother and How To Look Good Naked are fading. Desperate Housewives on Seven was the preferred program for younger demos. How To Look Good Naked shed 200,000 or so viewers from last week. Big Brother was on the nose. Ten’s Bondi Rescue is a far more interesting program than either but it does finish tonight! Is that why the obvious rip off on Seven; Surf Patrol, averaged 1.447 million people last night? Seven won because of wins in Sydney and Melbourne, and especially Perth. Tonight its boring Bert on 20 to 1 and Swearing Gordie’s Kitchen Nightmares for Nine against the others: Australia’s Got Talent and All Saints on Seven, new and old NCIS on Ten, which should see Ten do better tonight than Sunday or Monday. Oh, and there’s a Federal Budget at 7.30pm on the ABC, followed by a critique at 8pm and another from Tony Jones on Lateline and then Lateline Business. At least the ABC will be taking the major fiscal event of the year seriously tonight. Seven has effectively killed off Mistresses by moving it from 9.30pm tonight to the near death slot of 10.45pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports