The big revelation at last night’s Logies was that a 2nd series of Underbelly has been commissioned by Channel Nine. But with Williams in jail and most of the cast killed off, what next?

Crikey got crypto crime writers the Kooka Brothers to set the scene…

The two settings are the high-security Acacia section of Barwon prison, near Geelong, and the al fresco delights of Borsari Ristorante at 201 Lygon Street.

The two main characters are Babyface Billiams at her majesty’s pleasure for the rest of his natural and Big Mick Gateaux with his natural pleasures and stockmarket obsessions.

Acacia is a Dark City where the two gangs are separated but allowed to run their own asylums. It is much like Maze Prison in Belfast during the Troubles. Communication with the outside world is by mobile but the language used is an idiomatic argot only known to the villains (and for which subtitles are required).

Drugs are rife and are “cooked” safely inside before being smuggled out to the waiting market…

Both the Sunshine Scum and the Carlton Crew gangs face mounting competition from the new Tongs and Asian Hoard gangs that have moved into their markets.

Demand for middle-class party drugs (ecstacy and ice) still continues to outstrip heroin so the four gangs have to form temporary alliances with each other to divide precursor drugs and distribution networks.

There is much double dealing and betrayal but no more gunfights.

“The Commission” now controls all the rackets and the four gangs must work within its rules – or lose their lucrative franchises.

More to come…

(with apologies to Rule and Sylvester)

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