Rumour in the form of a question. How did Eddie McGuire as President of Collingwood and a board member of Athletics Australia manage to convince both parties and the State Government that Collingwood is the rightful owner/tenant of the Olympic Park Athletics venue? A conflict of interest? I doubt it, it was in the Collingwood Business Plan for all to see prior to Eddie’s appointment to the Athletics Board. Yet another taxpayer venue privatised… er sorry I mean merged.

Look who is headlining the Police Tattoo in Adelaide bewteen the 2nd and 4th of May. Maybe they should hold it at Yatala Labour Prison.

In a follow-up from yesterday’s tip, while ABC TV Management were trying-it-on with commercial stations and asking them to delay their ANZAC day feed by half an hour, ABC insiders were discussing the real story. Internal ABC TV production staffing is now so run down under Kim Dalton that the ABC was forced to pull a Sydney producer/director off long service leave and send him to Melbourne to cover the Melbourne march. Wasn’t there an available and equally skilled ABC Melbourne director to be found rattling about in the gloomy shell of Melbourne’s Ripponlea TV centre? While senior ABC TV Managers were chest thumping with the commercials over the ANZACS, they continue their long campaign to disable internal production — now so advanced that the ABC is on the brink of being unable to fulfill its public and national mandate of covering events like ANZAC day.

Meanwhile on the grassy knoll: Amanda Vandstone coming back to Australia to head the next Jenny Craig promotion.